Stress & Wellness Seminar Topics
Stress and Wellness Seminar Topics
  • Seminar 1 | Let's Talk About Stress

For most people, financial pressure, a demanding job, or a global pandemic immediately come to mind as sources of stress. But today's busy professionals add stress to their bodies and minds in other ways too.

In this science-based, forward-thinking, and information-packed presentation, Nicole introduces The Hidden Stress Model™️, helping attendees discover which of The Top 10 Unhealthy Habits are negatively impacting their nervous systems and hormones, and making it more challenging to get results, manage day to day stress, and optimize their physical and mental health – at work and at home.

  • Seminar 2 | The Stress Less Routine

Whether you're working onsite, at home, or in a hybrid workplace, you must have a routine – because without the predictability and balance that a routine brings, you cannot manage stress, optimize your health, or get results.

Loaded with practical advice, this factual presentation demonstrates the ideal stress-reducing routine (for the at home, at office or hybrid worker), integrating small things you can do every day to free yourself from physical and mental stress.

  • Seminar 3 | Train Your Brain for Habit Change

How do you change habits? How long does it take to change habits? How do I change my habits if I have no will power? And how do I change my habits long term? These are common questions when it comes to transforming behaviour.

In Train Your Brain for Habit Change, Nicole takes a fresh approach to behaviour change, helping participants discover why the old school habit change model doesn't work, why getting results requires a change in focus, and why transforming your behaviour to transform your life doesn't have to be an insurmountable feat.

  • Seminar 4 | The 7 Sleep Factors for Managing Stress and Feeling Your Best

Whether you struggle to get to sleep, stay asleep, or wake up feeling rested, you've likely realized that not getting enough rest can affect your stress levels, mood, and other aspects of your physical and mental health. But this doesn't mean you need to rely on drugs or quick fixes to get the restorative sleep that is essential to optimal health.

In this informative, evidence-based, and eye-opening presentation, Nicole reveals the seven factors that contribute to a restful sleep, while providing practical solutions to help you create and maintain a sleep routine that reduces stress on your body and mind.

  • Seminar 5 | The Mind Games of Exercise

For decades, society has underestimated the value of exercise, believing that its benefits are limited to burning calories or creating a better looking body. Ironically and sadly, these misconceptions are making us sick, fat and stressed out.

Incorporating over 30 years of experience as a dancer, personal trainer, fitness instructor, pilates coach, marathon runner, and reformed calorie-counting over-exerciser, Nicole introduces The 360 Rule™️, a simple formula that demonstrates how today's busy professional can follow a realistic, effective, and efficient fitness routine to reduce stress, optimize brain health, boost immunity, and get results.

  • Seminar 6 | Good Food. Good Mood. Less Stress.

Did you know that what you eat affects how you think, how you feel, and how you manage stress?

In this thought-provoking, evidence-based presentation, Nicole explains why the billions of cells in your brain must be fuelled with proper nutrition in order to optimally function, and how nutritional stress plays a key role in today's growing mental health challenge.

You'll walk away understanding how the food you eat affects your brain, how the health of your brain affects your physical and mental wellness, and which foods to consume (or not) in order to best manage your mood and mindset.

  • Seminar 7 | Choose Stillness Over Illness

Today's fast paced lives have us convinced that moving faster means we'll be more productive. But constantly being on the go, multi-tasking, and rushing to get things done is negatively impacting our bodies and minds - adding stress, lowering IQs, increasing anxiety, imbalancing hormones, decreasing memory, and lowering productivity, to name a few.

In Choose Stillness Over Illness, Nicole simplifies the science and physiology of stress and stillness, helping participants discover why it's imperative to step on the brake more often, why slowing down is the key to productivity, and that real power, great health, and high performance is not a result of being busy, but is rooted in our ability to be still.


  • Seminar 8 | Overcoming Overthinking

Are you an over thinker? If you are, you're not alone. In our personal and professional lives, analysis is necessary. But over analysis – the act of rumination, worrying, or being 'stuck in your head' – can affect your nervous system, imbalance hormones, and have a negative impact on your physical, mental and emotional health.

It is, however, a habit that can be broken. Combining science with mindfulness, this presentation will demonstrate that overthinking is a stressor that not only keeps you from paying attention and being present in life, it can also contribute to imbalance and disease in the body, affect mood and productivity, and prevent you from mastering one of the most invaluable skills – the ability to listen to your innate intuitive sense.

  • Seminar 9 | Your Brain on Food

When it comes to nutrition, it's common to assume that the sole benefit of 'eating better' is to lose weight or change our physical appearance. But the 3 pounds of matter between your ears is also impacted by what you eat. Made of protein, fat, carbs and water, your brain is responsible for everything you do, think, and feel, and like a luxury vehicle, it's imperative that you fuel it properly.

In Your Brain on Food, Nicole incorporates over 30 years of nutrition research, client results, and personal experience to help participants understand why what's good for the body is also good for the brain. Whether you struggle with stress, anxiety, brain fog, your weight, or other physical or mental health complaints, you'll walk away with a fresh and informed outlook on what, when, where and why you eat, not just for the sake of your body, but also for the sake of your brain.

  • Seminar 10 | A Manager's Guide to The Mental Health Pandemic

Mental Health has always been an important subject, but in light of how the pandemic and stress levels have affected the workplace, the need for understanding and support from management is imperative.

In this thoughtful and solution-oriented session, Nicole reveals how the hidden stressors linked to anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders can also provide multiple opportunities for leadership teams to not only attract and retain healthy and happy team members, but create a higher performing business as a result.

  • Seminar 11 | Multi-Tasking: The Next Health Epidemic

We've been trained to believe that multi-tasking means we can get more done in less time. And in this day and age, the expectations on our productivity are higher than ever.

But have you ever considered that doing more than one thing at a time adds stress to your brain, which adds stress to your body, which not only prevents you from being productive and efficient, it can also negatively impact your hormones, mood, memory, and mindset.

Combining neuroscience, stress, and mindfulness, Nicole provides realistic tips for today's busy, working professional who wants to be productive without sacrificing their health.

  • Seminar 12 | The Craving Connection

Whether you have them mid afternoon, after dinner, or all day long, cravings represent imbalance in the body. And if there's imbalance inside your body, you're exposing it to unnecessary stress that is sabotaging your results and keeping you from feeling your best.

In this highly informative presentation, Nicole provides unique insight into how cravings are related to food, dieting, exercise, sleep, and emotional or mental stress. You'll also learn The Cheat Principle™️, a proven set of realistic guidelines for how to stay healthy and have fun – without feeling guilty. The ultimate goal? That your addiction to sugar or salt is replaced with an addiction to feeling awesome – every single day.

  • Seminar 13 | Winning the Weight Loss Game

At any given time, 8 out of 10 people say they're on a diet to lose weight. But is dieting really the key to weight loss, or is it just making us sick and fat?

In this forward-thinking, no nonsense, information-packed seminar, Nicole brings over 30 years of experience in nutrition and fitness to share her top suggestions on how to win the weight loss game. Participants will discover why diet and exercise trends are sabotaging their results, which habits are too often overlooked and undervalued when it comes to weight management, and that losing weight (and keeping it off) doesn't have to be a stressful, overwhelming, and impossible feat.

  • Seminar 14 | The RE-Organization – Navigating the New Normal

Just as quickly as Covid disrupted our personal lives, it disrupted the workplace. But the time has come for us to adapt to a new normal.

In this 60-minute seminar, Nicole Porter, Stress Coach and Wellness Educator, shares a unique view on how and why specific stress-reducing habits must be prioritized in order to create the balance and routine necessary for optimal physical and mental health. Whether you work remotely, on-site, or in a hybrid workplace, you'll walk away with realistic and practical advice for how to optimize your health, while best adapting to this post-pandemic life.

  • Seminar 15 | Managing Mood to Better Manage Life

Although the pandemic has provided us with opportunities to reflect and re-evaluate, it has also created consistent uncertainty and ongoing stress. But it's not necessarily one additional event that makes life overwhelming. Instead, it's the cumulation of multiple, consecutive events for which we were not able to prepare.

Discussing the importance of language, how to increase control over your mood, changing your relationship with emotions, and the neuroscience behind emotionality and how it can change our worldview, this 60-minute session will help you de-stress in the moment and sustain ways to manage your mood and your life with less pressure and more ease.

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