Choose Stillness Over Illness with Nicole Porter Wellness
Course Description

Today's fast paced lives have us convinced that moving faster means we'll be more productive. But constantly being on the go, multi-tasking, and rushing to get things done is negatively impacting our bodies and minds – adding stress, lowering IQs, increasing anxiety, imbalancing hormones, decreasing memory, and lowering productivity, to name a few.

In Choose Stillness Over Illness, Nicole simplifies the science and physiology of stress and stillness, helping participants discover why it's imperative to step on the brake more often, why slowing down is the key to productivity, and that real power, great health, and high performance is not a result of being busy, but is rooted in our ability to be still.

Inspiring Words from Inspiring Clients
"Packed with useful information. Very well presented. Fantastic session!" – Chartered Professional Accountants
"It was the best seminar I've ever attended! What a humble reality check about simple steps to take that could make a significant difference! Answers I didn't even know I was looking for! I've already shared the website with my entire family!" – North Central Washington Educational Service District
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